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Car Technology: Safety Features


If you are in the market for a new car and you are able to afford a model with all the bells and whistles, that’s excellent. However, for the average Joe (or Jane), the cost is a consideration and it is tough to sift through all of the jargon automobile dealerships confuse you with. What are the security features that are critical ? Which new automobile technologies are gimmicks that are pure and which ones save lives? Here are some safety.


Even the cars nowadays have at least two airbags. In case of collisions that are high-impact or high-speed, airbags are second in saving the lives of front seat passengers to seat belts. The auto technologies include airbags that deploy on the windshield of the car to protect hit while crossing the road.

Back-Up Camera

Of what is behind the vehicle, A dashboard display comes on when you place your car. Some backup cameras include trajectory lines and distance readings that will assist you navigate, but more importantly, this technology prevents you from accidentally running somebody over (there have been cases when a parent backed up a huge SUV above their own toddler in their own driveway). The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) will create backup cameras compulsory in most vehicles by 2018.

Fatigue Detection Systems

Are others on the street and a danger to themselves. New car technologies detect erratic driving, such as deceleration or wandering, and warn the driver with an visual or audio alert. This safety feature is particularly important for men and women that spend long hours on the road such as truck drivers. Models in passenger cars have the ability to profile a driver driving patterns and quickly detect any deviation even factoring in factors like crosswinds and road surface.

Parental Controls

Parents of teen drivers can rest a bit easier when their driver heads out of the door with car keys in hand. Control technology for security in cars allows limits to be placed by parents on sound volume and the car’s speed. The machine can be programmed to sound a alarm if seat belts stay unfastened after the vehicle starts moving. GPS vehicle tracking enables parents to monitor the vehicle in real time.

Blind Spot Detector


If you begun to switch lanes but jerked back into your lane as there was a car in your spot, you will understand the value of a new technology called spot detector. If there is a car in the driver’s blind spot, this attribute sets off an alert. Some systems can detect pedestrians and bicycles .